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Damaged parcel

Damaged parcel

What should you do if you notice external damage to the package during delivery?

If the parcel was delivered to you by a courier – we recommend evaluating the outer packaging of the parcel together with the help of the courier. After noticing and assessing damage to the outer packaging, which may have damaged the contents of the package, you can:

  • refuse to accept the shipment;
  • contact the courier so that the violation is registered in the courier system;
  • ask the courier to fill out a package violation report.

If you pick up the package from a parcel locker or Parcel shop – please take a photo of the damage while you are near the parcel locker or at the Parcel shop. Send the shipment information, description of the damage and photos of the parcel by e-mail or please fill out the claim form and our specialists will contact you.

What should you do if you notice a violation of the contents of the package?

In case of damage to the contents of the shipment, inform the sender or the customer of the shipping service, who will start the process of examining the damage.

If you received the package without external damage, but the contents of the package are damaged, please contact the sender or the customer of the shipping service for compensation.