It is not easy to reach the town of Rovaniemi. From Helsinki, it takes at least nine hours to drive north until you finally arrive at the dominion of Santa Claus. Here, in faraway Lapland, Christmas continues throughout the year - the festive spirit is celebrated, sleds are handled, deer are cared for and, of course, Christmas gifts are prepared.

Among other things, Rovaniemi has Santa's Central Post Office, where countless elves take care of the greetings sent and received by Santa every day. There really are a lot of things to do, because nobody likes writing letters as much as Santa Claus. 

And no one receives so many letters either. During the festive period, up to 30,000 letters arrive in Santa's post every day. Congratulations, good wishes, thanksgivings and, of course, Christmas greetings are sent from all over the world. Since the launch of the Christmas Post Office in 1985, about 17 million letters have arrived at the North Pole. At least the same amount of mail is sent out by Santa Claus himself.

Even for the fastest and most talented elves, it is not easy to avoid confusion with so many letters, so outside of Lapland they have been helped by the Finnish postal and logistics company Posti for nearly 400 years. The staff of Posti ensure that all letters sent to Finland and addressed to Santa are safely and quickly delivered to him. Similarly, letters from Santa are collected from Rovaniemi, and are then carried, shipped or sent by air to the children waiting to receive them. 

As a part of the Posti group, Itella Logistics also contributes to the Christmas miracle. This year, Itella Logistics, as Santa's courier, is working with the Delfi portal on the social initiative "Mission Lapland" social initiative, to ensure that the dreams and drawings of Lithuanian children reach the harsh region of Lapland. 

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