From Varėna to Verona: from now from “Smartpost” parcel lockers it is possible to send parcels to the whole of Europe

Not only from Varėna to Verona, but also from Skuodas to Skopje and many other options become possible, because from now from “Smartpost” parcel lockers it is possible to send parcels to even 27 European countries. Choice of five sizes of parcel lockers compartments, the maximum possible weight of parcels in Lithuania and the always non-queue “Smartpost” parcel lockers will allow you to surprise your loved ones, no matter in which European city they are.

“Itella Logistics” marketing manager Eglė Riauba emphasizes the needs of Lithuanian parcels when presenting the new “Smartpost” service. According to her, sometimes it is possible to get the impression that people want some kind of modern technological delivery of parcels, for example, when a parcel would be delivered to the house by a drone or similar.

“In fact, people do not need a spectacular delivery like in movies, they’re just waiting for the parcel itself.” The most important elementary things – convenient and fast delivery where is needed. This is exactly what we offer from now on: a convenient option to send a parcel from the nearest “Smartpost” parcel locker to the whole of Europe, and fast delivery to the exact location”, says E. Riauba.

It will be possible to send parcels from any “Smartpost” parcel locker in Lithuania to Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Malta, Monaco, Germany and Hungary.

A parcel lockers is not only convenient, but also an inexpensive way to send parcels to other countries. The prices of international deliveries start from just 3.69 EUR. E. Riauba points out that a good price is not the only advantage.

“Our “Smartpost” parcel lockers have one of the widest selections of parcel compartments in Lithuania, here you can choose even five size options. A wide selection of parcel compartments allows you to ensure delivery at the best price, as you can choose the most suitable compartment size for each parcel and not overpay,” advises E. Riauba.

There will always be room for your parcel in the parcel locker

Although this is not new, another significant advantage of “Smartpost” is that when you place an order to send a parcel online, a compartment is immediately reserved for your parcel in the selected parcel locker. This means that you can be assured that when you arrive at the parcel locker, there will definitely be a place in it and you won’t have to travel from one parcel locker to another looking for one with enough space to send your parcel. You can start the journey of your parcel both in Lithuania and in Europe, right there at the address

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