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En route towards a greener future

Bees wake up early, even before sunrise, and they gather pollen and nectar all day, until the sun begins to set. However, the most impressive thing is not their long work hours; it’s the impact they make along the way. They produce 1/3 of our food supply by pollinating countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and they contribute to half of the world’s oils, fibers (such as cotton), and other raw materials. They are both fundamental and inspirational, so we are learning how to be from bees.

First, their efficiency is inspiring. There is no unnecessary movement on their way from flower to honeycomb. And, while on their way, they pollinate the crops that bring us food. In addition, bees also protect soil quality and prevent soil erosion, which is critical for keeping the water supply clean, preventing flooding, and protecting aquatic life. Bees contribute to all these goals through their daily work. In the logistics sector, we work similarly: we move from one place to another to pick up and responsibly deliver your parcels on your terms, and we do this as efficiently and with as few emissions as possible to help keep the air and our planet cleaner. 

The work that bees do now is quite impressive, but another remarkable feature of bees is that evidence suggests that they have been by our side for more than 100 million years. Therefore, another key concept we are learning from bees is loyalty. At Itella, we have been in operation for 20 years. Although that’s not long in comparison to bees, we’ve spent all this time constantly gathering experience so that we can already be on the way the moment you realise you need us. 

Of course, none of their amazing output would be possible if bees were working on their own. Even though every single bee is known as a hard worker, bees recognize that they are stronger together. Hives can’t survive without teamwork, so they live in colonies. Their example highlights the importance of teamwork. Even though we have a lot of individual experienced professionals at Itella, our strength is that our people build and maintain strong teams, where we share our knowledge, ideas, and insights. This allows us to ensure the highest service quality for you. 

However, even though we see bees as role models, our work affects their lives. Bees risk extinction due to human activities. The logistics sector is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, accounting for 23% of all emissions. 

To be friendly — not only for people but for the planet and bees as well — Itella, as a part of the Posti Group, aims to be a Zero Carbon company by 2030. 

To reach this goal, special Itella electric vans are going into service. This is only one of many ways that we are working to be a more sustainable and bee-friendly business. 

Itella – en route towards a greener future.