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Why Smartpost

Suitable for even the most sensitive shipments

All Smartpost lockers are installed indoors, where a constant temperature is maintained, so the weather conditions outside become irrelevant.

By using Smartpost, your package will be protected from humidity and temperature fluctuations, which can damage the contents of the package.

This is relevant for shipments that are sensitive to temperature changes – cosmetics, perfumes, food supplements, photography equipment, contact lenses, etc.

No waiting in lines

With Smartpost, several people can send or collect parcels at the same time. All the doors of the post machines have individual locks, so there is no need to stand in line at one common screen to open the required compartment. With Smartpost, no waiting in lines – go straight to the locker, enter your PIN code and open the door!

Convenient pickup

Even when the temperature is below zero outside, picking up a parcel from Smartpost is always warm, safe and convenient! All Smartpost terminals are installed indoors, which protects against rain, snow or dirt on the ground. This is especially relevant for those who come with small children or bags full of goodies.


The largest network of post machines in Northern Europe

Smartpost is a network of post machines that is growing very fast. Currently, 264 Smartpost post machines and parcel collection points are installed in Lithuania, and together with Latvia, Estonia and Finland, the network comprises more than 4,100 parcel delivery points.

Ready to send your parcel by Smartpost?