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Why Smartpost

Smartpost terminal is safe and convienent solution of your parcel delivery

Your parcel is safe at any weather conditions

Smartpost terminals are always located inside premises; it prevents packages from outside temperature fluctuations that could harm the quality of package content. 

With Smartpost, you don’t have to worry about cold, heat or humidity getting to your parcel and damaging its content.

If you are sending or have ordered goods that are particularly sensitive towards environmental aspects (cosmetics, perfumes, food products, food supplements, photographic equipment, electronics, contact lenses etc.) – delivery by Smartpost is a smart and right choice.

No waiting in line

The unique solution of Smartpost terminal ensures that several people can send or pick up their parcels at the same time. You do not have to wait in line to access the shared monitor to open your locker. Just go to your locker and open the door by your unique PIN.

Safe, easy and convienent access

Smartpost terminals are located in easily accessible places – shops, shopping and business centers. Smartpost sites are available as long as they are open to other services.

No worries about bad weather outside!  You can send or receive your parcel convienently, not being afraid of rain or dirt. It matters especially if you have your kids with you or you carry your shopping bags. 

Fast delivery within Baltic countries and Finland

Smartpost terminals is a rapidly growing network. Currently there are 258 Smartpost terminals and pickup points available in Lithuania. Finnish networks they make up more than 4000 delivery points.

Ready to send your parcel by Smartpost?