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How to send a parcel by Smartpost

How to send a parcel by Smartpost?

1. Pack your parcel

Pack the contents of the shipment, put them in one box and tape it securely. More detailed packing instructions can be found → Packaging guide.

Write on the package:

  • Recipient’s name, surname and phone number.
  • Sender’s name, surname and phone number.

If you can, print a shipping label and stick it on the package, but it is not necessary.

You can pay for the shipment by bank transfer at the Smartpost self-service, so make sure you have your card nearby.

    2. Go to and create your order

    Start of registration

    First of all, on the self-service website, select the country of delivery of the package.

    Choose the size of the Smartpost compartment according to the dimensions of the shipment you are sending. There is no shame in being safe, so add 1 cm to the dimensions of the parcel, thus making sure that the parcel will easily fit in the compartment.

    Sender information

    Fill in all mandatory fields marked with *.

    If you are sending a shipment on behalf of a company, check the “Invoice required” box.

    Recipient information

    Fill in all mandatory fields marked with *.


    Choose a payment method and continue the order.

    When you make the payment we will send you information with the address of the Smartpost terminal via e-mail, the locker number and the door PIN code, which will be needed to place the package.

    Pay attention!

    The door PIN is valid until midnight the next day, depending on the Smartpost location’s opening hours.

    Make sure that you wrote down the recipient’s and sender’s names, surnames and phone numbers correctly and clearly. This is very important to us, as it will allow us to deliver the package to the recipient faster.

    3. Go to Smartpost terminal and put parcel in locker

    Placing a shipment

    Go to your Smartpost terminal and find your locker door by number you received in e-shop and by e-mail. 

    Make sure your locker’s door is closed before you start to enter the PIN.

    Enter your PIN. Door will open. 

    Put the parcel in the locker and close the door. 

    Put only one parcel in one locker.  

    Check that the door is completely closed, to prevent parcel losses.

    Recipient will be notified by SMS when parcel arrives to its destination.

    Parcel storage time

    The parcel is stored in Smartpost terminals for 7 days from the time of placement.

    If the recipient does not collect the package within 7 days, the package will be returned to the warehouse. Customer service specialists will contact the sender and discuss the next steps.

    Ready to send your parcel by Smartpost?