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How to return parcel


  • Remove or cover the original shipping label.
  • Stick the return label on the top of the package or on the original label.
  • Choose the right return service for you by entering the parcel number on the return label that you affixed to the parcel (The parcel number begins with the letters JJFI…, JJD…, JVGL…, 00…).

Return the parcel via Smartpost lockers:

  • Select the section corresponding to the size of the parcel and the desired location of the post office.
  • The booth reservation is valid for 24 hours depending on the working hours of the Smartpost location.
  • Deliver the parcel within the specified time to the selected Smartpost post office.

Return the parcel from the selected address:

  • Select the return of the package by calling the courier in the “Package size/ courier call” field.
  • Order the return of the package by filling out the courier call form.
  • After placing the return order, the courier will arrive on the next working day.

Terms of return of the parcel

Tips to return the parcel