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Tips to return


Please carefully pack your returning goods using additional inner packaging if necessary. The outer packaging must be made of durable and strong material. Please use a quality sealing method, especially if the content of the package is heavy. Detailed packaging recommendations can be found here.


Remove original label and attach the Return label to the outer packaging so that the label is not folded on the corners of the package. If you cannot remove original label, completely cover it with Return label. Properly attached Return label must completely cover the barcode of original label (so that it is no longer visible).

Please note!

When returning the parcel the returning goods must be packed and package must have a Return label attached. Itella has the right not to pick up insufficiently or improperly packaged shipments if they do not meet the requirements for safe transportation. Return parcels that will be placed in Smartpost parcel terminals without a return sticker cannot be processed and may be lost in the further handling process in sorting terminals.