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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct concerns every individual who is employed by Posti Group Corporation, its subsidiaries and ventures controlled by these parties. 

The instructions are implemented in all Group companies by the decision made by the Board of Directors of Posti Group Corporation and according to local procedures.

COMPLIANCE is observing the local law and the applicable policies, rules and guidelines, especially Code of Conduct, in every country where we do business.

INTEGRITY is conformity between the values and the actions of a person– always choosing the correct behaviour, in any given situation, even if no one is monitoring.

Posti Group Corporation promotes a culture of high integrity:

  • We Are Responsible

Our customers entrust their valuables and data to us for transportation, storage and delivery, or expect other services of value from us.

  • Human rights, equality and non-discrimination

Posti Group supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

  • Ethical business practices

Zero Tolerance for any Corruption.

We always act towards every customer with commitment, courtesy, openness and respect. Customer satisfaction is number one.

Superior customer experience is achieved through excellent employee experience.