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Domestic courier service


Why choose us?

Door to door service

We deliver the good from door to door fast and secure

Payment by card

Payment by card is possible during delivery

Convenient pickup time

We provide later collection services

Domestic courier service

This service includes the delivery of parcels throughout Lithuania. For the convenience of each customer, we provide not only delivery services, but also return services.

Thanks to large transport resources, we can offer the service of delivering parcels to post offices and carry out door-to-door deliveries.

We understand that flexibility is one of the most important values,. Taking into account the wishes of customers we provide the service of later collection of parcels and in order to provide comprehensive assistance we evaluate individual needs for which we find the most suitable solution.

Our services

Door to door delivery

Return of parcels

Delivery to post machines

Later collection of parcels

Possibility for the recipient to redirect the package to the post machine

Payment by card on delivery

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