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With our help you can focus on your main activities

Why us?

Tailored to your needs
We will take a close look at what makes your business unique and offer solutions that are tailored to your needs

We make your life more comfortable

Relax, we are here to take over some of your logistics-related business risks.

For example, finding and planning new employees, process management and ensuring competence and differences in inventory and seasonal challenges.

We offer a flexible cost structure

Uncertain fixed costs will become variable costs adhering to your freight volume.

Our success

Pick & Pack solution
Individual approach for customer needs
Bonded warehouse
One-stop solution
Cycle count according to clients needs

Our services

  • Loading services, including cross-docking
  • Storage service, incl. at Customs warehouses and terminals
  • Sorting
  • Picking & Packing
  • Assembling shipments
  • Full returns handling
  • Wide range of value-added services like labelling, repacking, applying additional informational materials (instructions, manuals etc.)

Customs agent’s services

  • Acceptance of customs declarations by customs
  • Filling in customs declarations
  • Taxation service (intermediation of customs duties and state fees)
  • Representing the client with the Tax and Customs Board

Ask for a quote

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– How the delivered goods are unloaded? By hand, on pallets or in boxes?

– How many purchase orders, purchase lines, purchased items a month are there on average?

– How quickly do you want the goods to be shelved, i.e. made available for orders?

– Do the goods need special handling when unloading, e.g. unloading from the side?

– Where will the goods come from? Is the customs service necessary?

– Is additional work needed? E.g. placing stickers, packaging, folding, configuration, etc.


– How many different articles (SKU) would you like to store with us?

– How many pieces, boxes or pallets for one article on average?

– How many pallet places or current metres of shelves for small goods would you like for storage at one time?

– If you use pallets bigger than the EUR-pallets, please specify the measurements thereof.

– Are the goods in need of special storage conditions? Such as particular humidity levels or temperature.

– Are the goods highly flammable or hazardous, etc.?


– How many sales orders, sales line, sales items are there in a month on average?

– Should items be packed and how? Box, pallet or cart?

– How much time for gathering the items, i.e. how quickly should the order be ready for transport after making the order?

– At what time do the orders arrive?

– Is this seasonal work? How big are the changes in terms of a week, a month and a year?