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International road freight


Why choose us?

Wide network of partners

A wide network of partners ensures smooth delivery in Scandinavia and continental Europe

Ability to choose the type of cargo

We deliver partial and full loads throughout Europe

Convenient and innovative self-service

Book and track your parcels in an easy and convenient way through our self-service

Road transport across Europe

Our road transport service covers all of Europe. Along with Itella’s units and partners we deliver goods every day across Scandinavia and continental Europe.

This service is primarily targeted towards larger goods, from single packed units to full truck loads. We usually use the CMR consignment note as the transport document and pallets for delivery.

We have terminals of our own brand in all Baltic countries. We can partially or fully truck your goods.

Is your cargo insured?

You can protect yourself from potential risks by insuring the goods to be transported.

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Our services

Full truck loads (FTL)

Partial truck loads (LTL)

Customs brokerage and insurance services

Transportation of oversized cargo

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