Smartpost Itella introduces a new service for business customers

Smartpost Itella, which operates the Smartpost network of parcel lockers, has launched a new service for the Lithuanian market – Ecommerce Fulfilment Services. This service, mainly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, covers the entire delivery process from warehousing and picking to packing and delivery.

“We will provide our customers with a full range of services, from order intake, order processing, picking, packing and delivery to customers. For businesses, this is an efficient way to optimise the supply chain and improve customer service. Our goal is to allow companies to forget about logistics, warehousing and delivery processes, thus focusing on their core business: product development and launching the product on the market,” says Gytautas Skučas, Manager of contract logistics at Smartpost Itella.

In Estonia, the company launched the service just over a year ago. The fact that the service is available in all the Baltic countries allows customers to use the service in all three countries of the region. In Lithuania, the e-fulfilment service will be implemented in the Kaunas logistics centre.

“Our target audience is small and medium-sized businesses. We see the growth potential in these sectors and aim to be a trusted partner that helps businesses to efficiently achieve their goals and meet the needs of their customers,” adds G. Skučas.

“Smartpost Itella” has 376 locations in Lithuania with parcel lockers and pick-up points. In total, there are 991 parcel pick-up points in the Baltic States.

About Smartpost Itella 

Smartpost Itella is a part of the Finnish multinational group Posti. The company provides parcel delivery and transport services and has the largest network of Smartpost post offices in Northern Europe. From 2023 onwards, Smartpost mail can be sent to as many as 27 European countries.  

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