Smartpost Itella invests €14 million in Baltic expansion

Smartpost Itella, the operator of the Smartpost network of parcel terminals, continues its strategic expansion in the Baltic States with the construction of a logistics centre in Estonia starting in May this year. The logistics centre will be built on a 3-hectare site and will be one of the largest logistics centres of the Posti Group in the Baltic region. The total investment in the new logistics centre will amount to EUR 14 million and is in line with the company’s strategic objective to grow in the region and become one of the market leaders.

“Our data shows that consumers’ online shopping habits continue to grow in all Baltic countries. The demand for parcel terminals is growing accordingly. The new logistics centre in Estonia will triple our sorted parcel capacity in that country and ensure quality services all year round,” says Gediminas Mickus, Head of Smartpost Itella Baltics.

The new logistics centre will further automate parcel delivery processes and increase the company’s capacity. The future centre is designed using the smart home concept, which means that a system of sensors installed in the building allows remote control and continuous monitoring of all processes.

The new logistics centre will open early next year. It will have an area of around 7,500 square metres and can be expanded by another 2,400 square metres in the future.

The future logistics centre will also have charging stations for electronic cars. Up to 82 cars can be charged at the same time. This will bring the company even closer to zero carbon emissions. The design of the new building has also focused on occupational safety.

At the beginning of this year, Smartpost Itella already announced its expansion. At that time, it announced a €2 million investment in the expansion of its post office network, which will see the company install 63 new parcel terminals in Latvia, 25 in Lithuania and 12 in Estonia by 2024. In total, the network will grow by 10% in the Baltics. 40 parcel terminals will be expanded in Latvia, 15 in Lithuania and 5 in Estonia.

“We are expanding our network of parcel lockers in response to the growing demand for their use and to ensure maximum convenience for our customers. Last year, we saw a significant increase in demand for Smartpost post offices. The newly installed post offices will allow residents to pick up and send their parcels in more convenient locations, closer to home,” said G. Mickus at the time.

“Smartpost Itella” has set up parcel lockers and pickup points in 376 locations in Lithuania. This is the second largest number of Smartpost pick-up points in the Baltics. In total, there are 991 pick-up points and parcel lockers in the Baltics.

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