En route towards a greener future: parcels will be delivered with electric vehicles

Finnish capital company “Itella Logistics”, together with its parent company “Posti Group”, has committed to becoming a company with zero CO2 emissions by 2030. One of the steps to achieve this goal is the new electric vehiclesrolling out on the streets of Lithuanian cities.

The infrastructure does not allow to relax yet

Artiom Lisovskij, head of the parcel business at “Itella Logistics”, says that sustainable transport powered by renewable energy is the future of logistics companies. However, there are still challenges in Lithuania, due to which the company must act consistently and gradually implement the development of the electric transport fleet.

“The country’s infrastructure is not yet ideally adapted to electric transport. Electric vehicles can drive up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, so we are forced to strategize on which routes we can use sustainable transport, and where we still have no choice but to use regular vehicles,” says A. Lisovskij.

In 2023, twice as much sustainable transport

Despite infrastructure challenges, “Itella Logistics” plans to double the number of electric vehicles in use by the end of the year.

“We are starting this year with 5 new vehicles, and by the end of the year we plan to expand the sustainable transport fleet to at least 10 electric vehicles. This year we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 tons, so we consider this a good start, which sets the tone for our next steps,” says the head of the parcel business at “Itella Logistics”.

Concern for the environment is not new

A. Lisovskij says that sustainability is not new in the company’s strategy. “One example is the “Smartpost” network of parcel lockers. All of our parcel lockers are controlled with external smart devices such as courier phones, which means fewer electronic components are installed inside the parcel lockers. This ensures greater sustainability of the parcel lockers network, as up to 9 times less energy is consumed compared to other parcel lockers on the market,” says the head of the parcel business.

“Itella Logistics” is taking other steps on the way to a greener future. One of them is a 400 kW solar power plant installed on the new logistics center opened in Kaunas last year. Investments are made not only in the infrastructure, but also in the team: special eco-driving courses are organized for couriers, which introduce safer and more efficient driving. By applying the training knowledge on the road, it is possible to save about 10 percent emissions.

This year, efficiency will be increased not only when driving, but also when planning routes. A new route planning tool will be launched in 2023, which will benefit both drivers planning their stopovers and people waiting for packages by informing them of estimated delivery times. The route planning tool will help us save another 15 percent emissions.

Since 2002 “Itella Logistics”, operating in Lithuania, provides cargo transportation services by road, air and sea, as well as logistics and warehousing services. From 2020 “Itella” is developing “Smartpost” network of parcel lockers in Lithuania. 100 percent “Itella Logistics” belongs to the Finnish group of companies “Posti Group Corporation”.

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